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Success Rates | AMORYN Results

Success Rates of AMORYN Users When Surveyed After 6-8 Weeks


Ultimately, real-world results matter most. In order to measure the real-world rate of response to supplementation with AMORYN, BioNeurix Corp. surveyed a random sample of individuals who had started using AMORYN approximately 6-8 weeks prior. These non-scientific surveys suggest that over 80% of AMORYN users experience positive results and 76% consider AMORYN superior to other alternatives.

Data Collection

The results shown here were collected through informal, non-scientific surveys of AMORYN users. We randomly selected and e-mailed customers, all of which had purchased AMORYN 6-8 weeks prior, and requested that they participate in a brief online survey about their experience with the supplement. Both individuals that were still using the supplement and those that had discontinued use for any reason were included. The 66 AMORYN users that chose to participate completed a brief online questionnaire. The respondents were not compensated in any way, and the identities of the respondents were not revealed to the researchers compiling the data. The figures shown in the graphs below were compiled on April 25, 2005, and represent the results of the most recent survey. Past surveys involving a total of over 300 AMORYN users have produced consistent results. (We are currently conducting a new, larger survey and will post the results when available.)

Please keep in mind that this data does not represent the results of a controlled clinical trial and should not be considered scientific proof of AMORYN's effects. This information is intended solely to give you a better idea of what other AMORYN users think about the supplement.

Fig. 1: Reported Effect of AMORYN on Various Negative Emotions 

Fig. 2: Reported Overall Rating of Experience (Positive or Negative) with AMORYN After 6-8 Weeks 

Fig. 3: User Opinions of AMORYN vs. other St. John's Wort Brands 


No single factor is wholly responsible for AMORYN's unsurpassed degree of real-world effectiveness. Rather, a number of considerations contribute to the consistently positive responses reported by AMORYN users:

  • including an ultra-potent St. John's Wort extract that contains a high concentration of hyperforin
  • combining active herbal mood boosters like 5-HTP and Rhodiola with B vitamins and other mood-supporting nutrients
  • emphasizing clinical research over pseudo-science or anecdotal evidence during formula design
  • adhering to strict quality-control standards during manufacture
  • including all ingredients in the active, clinically-supported doses (unlike many other mood supplements)
  • assigning every customer a Personal Wellness Consultant to provide comprehensive follow-up support


The data above shows that the vast majority of users report that AMORYN has improved their mood and lessened feelings of worry and stress. These success rates set AMORYN apart from the alternatives, making it a natural alternative that actually delivers! Order today to experience the mood-elevating effects of AMORYN.

Further Reading

Please read the testimonials to learn more about the specific benefits experienced by some of these individuals. You can also learn more about how AMORYN works or the AMORYN formula. Otherwise, you can order now to begin experiencing the benefits of AMORYN for yourself.

The information provided above is intended to illustrate the opinions of some AMORYN users and should not be considered scientifically-valid proof of AMORYN's effects. Every person is different, and no supplement produces identical results for all individuals. Your results, if any, may vary.