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The Natural Mood Booster


A natural mood booster to support emotional health and promote a positive outlook

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I had been on Deprex for more than a year which also contains St. John's wort, at four capsules a day which helped me a lot. I am taking 2 capsules of Amorynin the morning plus one capsule of Amoryn in the evening with one capsule of Deprex to use up my inventory. I find the Amoryn even better than the Deprex.


My name is Jovo and have been taking Amoryn for 4 months now, i am expiriencing positive results and am very happy with that. My main reason for taking Amoryn was becouse of my social anxiety, i started to be self observive and I started to change my way of thinking but i felt like a needed a little help and amoryn for me just did the job. Am taking two capsules a day and am introducing more tryptophan type of food in my diet, am excersicing and am deffinitely starting to feel like my real self again.


Actually, I ordered 2 more bottles because I believe it has helped me tremendously!


I actually bought this for my son. He has been taking for 3 weeks now and says that this 3rd week is the best he has had in a while. It is working for him. He takes the 2 a day and takes Seredyn when he needs it. He said that he has been able to blow some situations off at work that used to upset him. I am also taking 1 Amoryn a day and Seredyn during the day, if needed, and 1 at night to sleep. It's also working for me. I am glad to know that there is something out there that will work for both me and him that is not a prescription. As I am a big fan of natural supplements, this is a great remedy for us.


Huge fan of Amoryn and Seredyn! Nothing worked as good as Amoryn w/o awful side effects. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product!!!