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The Natural Mood Booster


Amoryn Mood Booster helps support all three of the brain's "feel good" neurotransmitters. By providing an all-natural boost to serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, the ingredients in Amoryn can help you feel happy, calm, confident, and promote a positive outlook.

Features and Benefits of Amoryn Mood Booster:

  • Provides sustained emotional support
  • Reduces feelings of sadness and worry
  • Natural ingredients clinically proven to boost mood
  • Contains only standardized herbal extracts and vitamins to ensure purity for maximum effectiveness

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Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Lisa Griesemer


TR Kelley
Amoryn is an effective mood booster

Have been taking Amoryn for over 17yrs, when I was seeking an alternative to previous Rx med for mild depression. It has given me no side effects other than a lifted, calm mood. I take it mostly during fall & winter, for S.A.D. It works great!

Ellen Frank
15 year customer..

I’ve been using Amoryn every day for 15 years. Only twice I ran out and waiting a couple weeks. I felt the difference right away and was thankful this company ships quickly! Thank you for an amazing product. If it wasn’t for Amoryn, I’d have to consider a prescription but fortunately I never have had to. I tried a health store brand with some of the same ingredients but they were missing key components and it didn’t help.

Ginger Brandt

I am unable to take this product. It caused me to have very loose bowels.

Kathleen Woolston
Very effective supplement

I’ve take Amoryn for many years with great results & no side effects. At this time I only take one capsule daily but it’s just enough to keep me on an even keel. Great product!