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Quality Control | AMORYN Mood Booster

At every step of AMORYN's production - formula design, raw material acquisition and analysis, encapsulation, packaging, and storage - BioNeurix Corp. prioritizes quality-control above all other considerations.

Standardized to Contain Effective Amount of Hyperforin

AMORYN is one of the only formulas available in the United States standardized to provide 36mg of hyperforin daily. Research demonstrates that the effectiveness of St. John's Wort extract depends on its concentration of hyperforin. Only extracts standardized to contain a high quantity of hyperforin have been consistently found effective in clinical trials. But many other St. John's Wort formulas available in the United States do not standardize for hyperforin and may contain an inconsistent (and possibly inadequate) amount. To ensure that every bottle of AMORYN achieves a superior level of potency and purity, AMORYN contains St. John's Wort with at least 3% hyperforin, the proven concentration available in Europe. This makes AMORYN a superior choice for a mood supplement.


Manufactured According to Industry-Leading Standards

The laboratory that produces AMORYN conforms to or exceeds all Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). In fact, the facility that manufactures AMORYN earned a GMP certification with an "A" rating, the highest possible, from the Natural Products Association (NPA), formerly the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA).

Advanced Packaging and Warehousing for Sustained Potency and Purity

AMORYN capsules are sealed in dark amber bottles designed to prevent exposure to light from degrading the active ingredients. (Many supplements come in white bottles, which expose the contents to damaging levels of light.) Moreover, AMORYN bottles are manufactured using PET plastic, a special material that reduces damaging exposure to oxygen by 98% compared to standard HDPE plastic. Finally, fresh batches of AMORYN are manufactured frequently (every few months) to ensure maximum potency.


These thorough quality-assurance procedures make AMORYN a natural supplement that you can trust to deliver on its promises, and contribute to AMORYN's extraordinary success rate (as reported in non-scientific user surveys).Order today to discover why so many people depend on AMORYN for sustained emotional support.