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Amoryn Directions for Use

Please read the following information carefully before taking AMORYN:The information on this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult with your doctor before taking any new dietary supplement, including AMORYN. 

  1. Recommended Daily Serving
  2. When and How to Take AMORYN
  3. Speed of Response
  4. Storage and Handling
  5. Other Beneficial Supplements
Recommended Daily Serving 

In most cases, the recommended starting quantity for adults is two (2) capsules daily. Take the first capsule in the morning and the second capsule in the afternoon. 

If you do not respond to two (2) capsules, you may increase your daily serving to three (3) or four (4) capsules. For a detailed discussion about whether and when to raise your daily dose, refer to the section on making adjustments. 

Certain individuals may benefit from starting with a half-serving of one (1) capsule per day. During the first week, we recommend taking this reduced dose if you:
  • weigh less than 120 pounds
  • are particularly sensitive to supplements and drugs
  • often experience side effects when taking new supplements or drugs
  • have "racing thoughts" or often have difficulty sleeping
Unless you experience side effects, increase to the standard amount of two (2) capsules daily after one week. 

Children ages 12-18 can start with one (1) capsule daily, or half the adult serving, and should not take AMORYN without the supervision of a parent or guardian and the approval of a physician. This amount can be increased to two (2) capsules per day after two weeks, but should not exceed two (2) capsules unless directed by a physician. Children under 12 should not take AMORYN, or any other supplement, unless a pediatrician approves, supervises, and determines the appropriate daily serving. 

One (1) capsule daily Mild Initial serving for individual who are small, sensitive, particularly anxious, or under 18-years-old.
Two (2) capsules daily Moderate
Recommended adult serving. Contains amount of main ingredient (hyperforin) frequently used in clinical studies.
Three (3) capsules daily Strong For individuals who do not respond to lower amounts.
Four (4) capsules daily Maximum For individuals who do not respond to lower amounts. Do not exceed four (4) capsules daily unless your doctor instructs you to do so.
When and How to Take AMORYN 

AMORYN is not designed to be taken occasionally or "as needed". If you are taking more than one capsule per day, spread your daily dose of AMORYN throughout the day. (For example, if you are taking two capsules daily, take the first in the morning and the second in the afternoon/evening.) 

TIP: If necessary, you can adjust your schedule to maximize the benefits of AMORYN. For instance, if you feel stimulated and energized after taking AMORYN, take your final capsule after lunch instead of at night. On the other hand, if you find that AMORYN produces a soothing, calming effect and helps you sleep, it's best to take the day's last capsule at bedtime.
AMORYN can be taken with or without food. In the rare event that you experience stomach upset, nausea, or other gastrointestinal side effects, taking AMORYN with meals often reduces or eliminates these side effects. 

Speed of Response

AMORYN works gradually over many weeks and should not be expected to provide immediate benefits. Because AMORYN's short-term effects can be subtle, you may not notice changes for many weeks. In fact, some people may need to take AMORYN for 6-8 weeks for it to fully "kick in" (as demonstrated in both informal surveys of AMORYN users and scientific studies of the ingredients in AMORYN). For this reason, it's important that you remain patient and not become discouraged if you don't detect any changes during the first month. 

Storage and Handling 

Keep AMORYN in a cool, dark place. In most cases, the freezer is the ideal place to store unopened bottles. To prevent moisture from condensing within the bottle, remove it from the freezer a few hours before opening for the first time (so that it's at room temperature when opened). Once opened, bottles should be kept with the cap closed (except when removing capsules) and stored in a dark place (such as a cabinet or drawer). Avoid extended storage in places with excessive heat (e.g. in a car during summer) or light (e.g. on a desk). 

Other Beneficial Supplements 

If you occasionally experience worry and anxiety, consider combining AMORYN with SEREDYN, a natural supplement that helps calm the mind quickly after a single dose. AMORYN and SEREDYN contain different ingredients that function in distinct but complementary ways. AMORYN is designed to be taken daily for sustained mood support, while SEREDYN can be taken occasionally "as needed" and acts fast to calm and soothe. Learn more about SEREDYN, or order AMORYN and SEREDYN together online

Before taking AMORYN, please read about the Possible Side Effects, Drug Interactions, and Contraindications and Precautions.