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Clinical research suggests that selenium, a mineral found in whole grains and seafood, plays an important role in maintaining optimal psychological well-being. Unfortunately, the diets of many North Americans and Europeans do not provide ideal amounts of selenium. Adding extra selenium by supplementing with AMORYN may improve both mental and physical health.

AMORYN with Selenium
In one trial involving 30 healthy young men, increased consumption of selenium was associated with an improvement in mood. The individuals in the high-selenium group received 226.5 mcg of selenium daily, an amount similar to that provided by two capsules of Amoryn; those in the low-selenium group consumed an amount of selenium comparable to the daily intake of many Americans and Europeans. The men taking more selenium reported feeling more confident and less anxious, sad and confused.1

A randomized, double-blind study involving 50 individuals also demonstrated the importance of selenium for maintaining emotional well-being. Some people in the trial received a daily supplement of 100 mcg selenium (the same dose found in a capsule of AMORYN) for five weeks, while others received placebo. Both groups continued to eat their usual diets. The individuals taking the placebo reported no change in mood, but those taking selenium reported a substantial improvement - including decreased feelings of worry - at both 2.5 and 5 weeks.2 Interestingly, individuals receiving the least selenium from their regular diets benefited the most from taking extra selenium. After five weeks of supplementation, reports of anxiety, sadness, and fatigue decreased most drastically for these individuals.3 This finding suggests that diets lacking in selenium can contribute to poor mental health. In these cases, taking extra selenium appears to provide a more positive emotional outlook.

Selenium also provides non-psychological health benefits such as promoting healthy immune function.

Feelings of sadness, worry, fatigue, and uncertainty may result from a lack of selenium in your diet. Take AMORYN daily to help ensure that your mind and body receive optimal amounts of this vital mineral.

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