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April 07, 2019 3 min read

Feeling Blue
Bouts of feeling blue are an unfortunately common experience among the average American. Even though there is increasing interest in cognitive health awareness, it can be difficult to seek advice, support, or help from anybody when you’re not even sure why it is you’re feeling down.

On the bright side, however, research tends to suggest that we don’t get struck with melancholy at random. The truth is, the things that might make you feel sad may just be hiding from plain view, and understanding what might contribute to a depressive episode can help put you back on the path towards wellness.

Brain Chemistry: What We Know and What We Don’t

Brain ChemistryYou’ve most likely heard of the theory about brain chemistry imbalances for hormones like serotonin and dopamine being contributing to feelings of depression, anxiety, and other mental illness. This theory has been instrumental in diagnosing mental health issues and has led to novel innovations in treatments.

However, there hasn’t been much research to show what may cause the symptoms of depression associated with these imbalances in individuals.

Some research does exist, however. In the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers found that the existence of a galanin, a stress-induced hormone, gene along with its brain receptors predisposed some individuals to feelings of depression as a result of a perception of events at some point in one's life¹.

Whole Wellness Lifestyle Matters

Galanin Wellness
A strong correlation between the presence of galanin hormone pathways in the brain and the self-reported stress levels of the individuals surveyed in the study indicate that galanin is responsible for creating a stronger psychological response to stressors in individuals with the gene, as opposed to those who do not.

Research into galanin and how it functions in our brain might lead to some novel treatments that target galanin receptors or production to alleviate feelings of depression, but an important takeaway from the research is that galanin makes it more likely a person might feel more significant emotional duress from stressors, not that it guarantees it. Even with the galanin gene present, lifestyle changes with a focus on whole wellness can produce impressive health results.

Environment and Emotion are Interconnected

Sunlight SAD
If the place where you live is all doom and gloom, it might start having an impact on your health and wellness, as well. Research from the University of Michigan showed that at least 30 minutes of exposure to sunlight, especially after the cold season in an area, produced substantial improvements in self-reported mood and outlook in the variable group².

Turned on its head, however, a lack of sunlight can contribute to the development of aptly-named SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, a persistent depression that occurs at around the same time every year, most often during the cold, winter months. Individuals suffering from SAD may be feeling low due to a variety of factors that stem from the change in seasons.

Common examples include the increase in nighttime hours leading to overproduction of melatonin in some, creating characteristic feelings of lethargy and demotivation. Another factor may be that an absence of sunlight results in underproduction of Vitamin D, a micronutrient with known positive impacts on mental health.

Getting Back on the Healthy Upswing

Treating feelings of depression or sadness often entails a holistic approach to your entire body’s health, helping to alleviate the stresses that are at the root of any ennui.

Amoryn Mood Booster

However, one of the most common feelings of depression is a lack of motivation. Individuals that experience this often know that there are steps they can take to feel better that involves their body and mind, but can’t find the energy to do them. A stepping-stone towards feeling better can come in the form of a supplement, especially one that helps your mind and body to function better.

BioNeurix offers the Amoryn supplement, which contains a blend designed to induce production of two keys mentioned above to mental health: Serotonin and Vitamin D3. Getting some of these “feel-good” building blocks in your system can help you find the energy you need to begin the process of life-long health and wellness, and give you the chance to kick the needless bad days away, for good.




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