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Mellodyn works with your body's own sleep-wake cycles to support healthy, natural sleep patterns. Clinical research demonstrates that the natural ingredients in Mellodyn effectively relieve occasional sleeplessness. Mellodyn promotes a full night's sleep without causing grogginess the next morning, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. To learn more about Mellodyn's effects, read testimonials provided by satisfied Mellodyn users.

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Customer Reviews

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I have used Mellodyn 3 nites now and it is wonderful!!! I fall asleep and sleep all nite and wake up feeling great! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
It is an excellent product and I am telling all of my friends about it.


I love your product. I fall asleep more quickly and dream through the night; something that was not happening before. I hope your product keeps working for me.


I just want to thank you so much for your many efforts. We have tried all of the herbal and chemical pills, food changes, herbal pills and remedies which we have been able to find. On Saturday I frantically searched the web to find something to help him and found your web-site. You overnighted me your products and he took Mellodyn for the first time. He slept through the night for the first time in seven years. I just wanted to thank you. We have great hopes for big changes in our life because of the time and effort that you have taken to make us aware of this product and to get it to us so quickly. Thank you again.


I just thought I'd write to tell you of my experience with Mellodyn and how I first heard about it. I am totally blind and I have severely damaged eyes. Since my late teens, I've been having these weird sleep cycles, For example, I can't get to sleep until after 1 in the morning, sometimes I may even remain awake until well after 3AM much to everyone's dismay. Every 4 weeks or so, the sleeping pattern would change, from going to bed late, to going to bed really early in the evening, then waking up at 3am and being unable to knod off for the rest of the day. I knew that if I didn't do something soon, it would begin to rule my life, something had to give! Enter Mellodyn. Apparently this non-24 hour sleep is very common in a lot of blind people...I also found that Melatonin has been tested on totally blind people, the trials were conducted in both Australia and overseas with good results, and I was telling a close friend about all the trouble I was having with my sleeping, and he told me he knew someone who had used Mellodyn successfully for his sleeping issues. And there you have it, thats how I heard about your wondercure, Well you may not class it as a cure, but I think it's just as good as one, Mellodyn is not a "knockout drug", it doesn't shut down your reflexes or force a dizzy spell, or blank your mind and cause you to do crazy stuff in your sleep. All it does is to bring my sleep-wake cycle back into the norm, which just means I fall asleep naturally at the right time for a change. -Stephen, Australia


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!, Usually it takes me 1-2 hrs before I can sleep and I thought all tablets out there do work but with a lot of "side effects". Thousand gratitude to you guys, you made a big change!

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