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February 05, 2019 4 min read

Observing a balanced diet and performing regular bouts of exercise are not the only ways to a healthy body. They play a significant role in getting you started, but that’s not all that there is to it. Right now, experts are promoting a holistic approach to help people who are struggling with health to make the most out of what they have at the moment. Even if you don’t have any health issues right now, this approach can help “strengthen your body” and prepare it for busy days ahead. Knowing the fundamentals can provide you with a better understanding as to how you can live a balanced life in the long run.

Physical Wellness

physical wellnessExercising regularly while also eating fruits and vegetables is not all that there’s it to it. Aside from this, you have to strike a balance between eating less and working out more. Doing so will help you create a caloric deficit that can lead to healthy weight loss. To further help you reduce calorie intake, cut back on the sugary and alcoholic drinks and go for water instead. Increasing your daily water intake can help you flush more toxins from your body. Don’t forget to get at least 6 to 8 hours’ worth of good night’s sleep as well.

Emotional Wellness

emotional wellnessTaking care of your emotional health can help address some of your physical health issues as well. The importance of emotional health is why physicians sometimes advise people with hypertension to take it easy on their emotions. Unbalanced emotional health can lead to uncontrolled blood pressure that can later result in other complications. Complications usually develop when ill feelings are left to seep in for a very long time.

Stress management techniques are great ways to improve your emotional health. They can significantly aid you in coping with difficult life situations such as a financial setback or the death of a friend. Getting a new hobby that you’ve been dying to try out is another way to help you boost your health. This hobby can be as simple as creating trinkets or taking care of succulents.

Spiritual Wellness

spiritual wellnessSpiritual wellness is a bit controversial in the sense that everyone has a different belief system and sets of values. Therefore, what works for one person may or may not work for you. It depends on your similarities in principles with that person. Simply put, it’s easier for you to have a sense of purpose in life if you have optimal spiritual health. Not only will this boost your morale but will also improve your emotional health. Eventually, this can lead to a long-term health boost.

There are numerous activities to try out to improve that “spiritual core.” For some people, enrolling in yoga classes did it for them. For some other people, solo backpacking and nature tripping let them explore places they’ve never been. The learning experiences they gain each time they travel gives them new insights and a more profound sense of who they are.


social wellnessKeeping a positive social circle is a great way to improve your emotional health. In the process, you also get to improve on other dimensions of health. You don’t even need to have a large number of friends to maintain your social health at acceptable levels. Just go for the ones who bring out the best in you and those who stay with you through thick or thin. To know who should stay or who should go, consider your priorities in life and go for like-minded people.

Intellectual Wellness

intellectual wellnessThis aspect of health has started gaining popularity with the rise of social media and it’s a great thing! People who used to hide their depression now have avenues to help them seek help that can further promote their optimal health. One way to boost your intellectual or mental health is logging in your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Go for whatever type of journal is more convenient for you as long as you regularly log your entries. Aside from monitoring your train of thoughts, also write down why you feel thankful for that day.

Occupational Wellness

occupational wellnessCompared to the other dimensions of health mentioned here, occupational health is an aspect that needs to have more attention. It’s because people usually overlook this one. Occupational health is also a bit tricky to deal with because your work is where you get the income that you use to take care of other dimensions of health. Therefore, an excellent way to get started is to choose a job that provides you with a setup that results in higher productivity on your end without letting you feel too stressed in the process. In case you already have your employment, optimize your workplace by taking advantage of group efforts to boost other aspects of health such as physical and social health. One way to do this is to have everyone sign up for activities such as dance classes.

Environmental Wellness

environmental wellnessLike intellectual health, environmental health is also starting to gain popularity thanks to social media exposure. Having excellent environmental health means having deep respect for your surroundings. You can have this by being aware of the means to protect the environment. You don’t have to go zero-waste immediately. Making dramatic changes like this are almost impossible to achieve within a short timeframe. What you can do instead is to conserve resources such as electricity. You may also volunteer in clean-up drives.

Wrapping It All Up

Knowing more about the seven dimensions of wellness is not the only way to go. Once you get to understand how the holistic approach works, you have to apply it to your daily life. You don’t have to change all seven dimensions at ounce. Instead, try making little changes to develop healthier habits. If you’re always drinking soda, developing a better practice by opting for flavored soda water can boost your physical and emotional health. Small lifestyle changes might seem trivial, but they can go a long way. Get started on something little and let healthy habit magic start making dramatic improvements to your life!